The US attorney general asks Trump to stop tweeting about open cases

Donald Trump's addiction to comment on everything that concerns him on social media is becoming a headache for the US authorities. In an attempt to curb this communicative incontinence, the United States Attorney General, William Barr, publicly asked the president to stop tweeting about open cases and investigations on Thursday as this makes it "impossible" for him to do his job.

In an interview with the television network ABCBarr has pointed out that the leader's "online" comments prevent him from doing his job correctly. "I cannot do my job here in the Department of Justice if there is a constant flow of comments behind cutting my room for maneuver," he said.

"That there are comments and tweets about the Department, the people who work in it and the cases that are pending make it impossible to ensure that the courts and prosecutors carry out their work with integrity," he lamented.

Barr's words have taken place after days of growing scrutiny about his role in the tense decision to publicly reject prosecutors seeking harsh penalties for Republican political strategist Roger Stone, one of Trump's closest allies and who was convicted of lie to Congress and manipulate witnesses, among other charges.

"I'm not going to let anyone influence me," Barr said in relation to "Congress, newspaper publishers or the president himself." "I will do what I think is right," he said. Some critical voices accuse Barr of acting as the president's lawyer instead of as an impartial member of the judicial system.

Without a doubt, Donald Trump's personal account is the president's favorite communication channel. He already was before arriving at the White House, and since he became the leader of the country, his account is a must to follow his wanderings and rants.