The ‘Valdemoro cutter’ wanted to stay as trophies with the face and tattoos of his victim

The Civil Guard investigation into the crime in Valdemoro last October comes to an end revealing a heinous murder with delusional moments. Leonardo Valencia, tattoo artist, squatter and retail drug dealer, chose his victim at random after several unsuccessful attempts with his former partners.

Precisely his last partner, Celia, relates in detail in the investigation how they were 24 hours after the crime. It was she who betrayed the murderer before the civil guard arrested her and the justice accused her as a cover-up for the crime.

Celia’s story begins at 2:40 a.m. on October 16, 2019, just over an hour after the murder. Leonardo sends her a whatsapp “I can go see you, I’m a little sad” but she doesn’t see it. Celia hides at the home of a friend, Miguel Ángel, after receiving mistreatment and death threats from Leonardo. The messages and calls of the butcher continued until 15:58 when he says, “Take it, it is urgent, I have been wearing it since yesterday, I am very sick, I screwed up a lot, seriously” Celia is at the Valdemoro ambulatory and at 16:20 scruffy Leonardo introduces himself, “Smelling of blood and smoke” and blood stained clothing. He takes her to a park and confesses that he has killed a girl who was his client and went to see him that morning. Leonardo looked at Celia and said “take off your glasses and look at me: I have killed someone and he was right, I have felt nothing doing it”. He then said that he had to help him clean his house and get rid of the victim’s remains. He gave her money to buy cleaning supplies and went to get Celia’s car.

In those Celia he called the friend who gave him shelter in his house, and told him that Leonardo insisted that he had killed a girl he hardly knew, and that he did not believe it, but just in case he was going to accompany him because he was afraid that he would kill her if he didn’t. Celia accompanied him to two Chinese shops where they bought a shovel to bury the corpse, gloves, bleach… Hours later Celia entered the house of horrors, the villa squatted by Leonardo where he had set up his tattoo studio and murdered a young woman the night before. The house was full of blood and weapons, in a bag the tools of the crime, in other remains of the victim. Celia refused to clean, but she claims that Leonardo, laughing, told her “if you don’t do it, you’ll be next.” And while cleaning, he saw remains that looked human and Leonardo told him “that his face and tattoos wanted to be trophies.” Celia continued cleaning, even later she accompanied Leonardo to make a delivery of cocaine and to a supermarket in Valdemoro to buy garbage bags and ammonia.

It was not until after 8:00 p.m. on that day that Leonardo left the house again to dispose of the victim’s remains, when Celia called her friend Miguel Ángel, who was telling her everything that was happening. This time she already tells him that the crime is real, and that he has proof. Miguel Ángel runs to look for her, together they enter at full speed in the parking lot of the Valdemoro barracks and denounce the crime. As proof they teach a photography made by Celia in Leonardo’s house. The image of a garbage can with what appears to be human remains.

The Civil Guard suspends the statement and detains her as an alleged cover-up. They wonder why if Celia helped Leonardo under death threats did not take advantage to escape on all three occasions who went to supermarkets or left her alone. Minutes later, the Civil Guard surprised Leonardo by returning to his home with a shopping cart that he had used to dispose of parts of the body, and began a terrifying search of the killer’s house.