The victims of ‘Epstein’ give a final warning to the Duke

Only two days after the sixtieth most bitter birthday of the Prince Andrew, the duke has been again involved in another public scandal related to the ‘Eipstein case’. A US prosecutor has publicly declared the prince's null collaboration with the FBI for the resolution of the case.

The little help that the prince is providing to the authorities has exploded all his victims by declaring him ‘war’ and offering him one last chance to collaborate. Given the ignorance that the Prince shows about the pain of the victims and the urgency that their explanations require, the lawyer for the victims of the case, Gloria Allred, has distributed an American extracurricular bus through the streets of London with a resounding message addressed to the Prince Andrew

"If you see this man, please ask him to call the FBI to answer his questions." It is the complete message with which the vehicle circulates, accompanied by a close-up photo of the Duke of York.

The prince's statements could be key to solving one of the most viral and well-known events in the United States that indirectly stain the entire British royal family. Although the case was closed after the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Eipstein During his conviction in the prison, an investigation by the FBI is still open to find out if there really was a network of recruitment and sexual trafficking of minors directed by the employer.

Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth
Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth attending a Mass in Sandringham / Gtres

Virginia Giuffre, one of the victims of the case that has given her statement about what happened, continues to confirm that she was struggled to have sex with the son of Queen Elizabeth II When I was a minor. The victim maintains that the duke's refusal to cooperate in the investigation points him even more rightly as a clear accomplice of the case. It seems an injustice that no action is taken in this regard and thinks that the Prince should be forced to testify, regardless of his membership in the royal family.

Windsor family

The Windsor family has preferred to stay out of any controversy that I shot Prince Andrew so far. They have not spoken about it and have taken distances with the Duke himself even on his birthday. His mother Isabel II, his ex-wife and daughter have been the only members of the British royal family who wanted to express their best wishes publicly on their 60th anniversary.