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This is to be with the water to the neck: with 1-1 in the tie of the ATP Cup between Spain Y Belgium, playing the pass to semifinals in the decisive doubles, Rafael Nadal and Pablo Carreño were manufactured the first three balls of break of the encounter when the clock already added 1h37m. Sander Gille and Joran Vliegen, two strangers on the circuit, had won the first set (7-6) and were close to celebrating the victory (5-5). It happened that the Belgians saved the first two points of that decisive 0-40 (30-40), and also the third. It happened that the number one requested that they review through the video (one of the novelties of the competition) the auction of Vliegen He would have put 40-40, and the images showed that the Belgian had invaded the other side of the court with the racket before hitting the ball. Consequently, the referee gave the point to the Spaniards, who got the break, then took the second sleeve and tackled the super tie-breaker with the energy needed to win a crossing they had lost since the start. In less than 24 hours, Nick Kyrgios Australia will face The Navy for the final pass. (Narration and statistics)

"It is the first game I played on this track and the conditions regarding Perth they are much harder in terms of humidity and heat, but I have also noticed the fastest surface, "he said Carreño after the encounter "I have never found the distance to the rest and they have taken very well. That has complicated everything," continued the Gijon. "In the end, a doubles with super tie-breaker and gold point is usually very close, but we have made a great effort to win. "

"Between eating, arriving at the hotel … it is difficult for us to go to sleep before four in the morning," he followed Nadal, while carrying a plate of fish and pasta to the locker room. "Tomorrow at five we have to be here ready to play again against one of the toughest teams possible," added number one on Australia, the rival of Spain for the pass to the final. "We are aware that it will be a very difficult tie, but we also know that we have a good team, used to endure complicated situations."

A few minutes after fitting defeat against Goffin in a meeting that stretched almost two and a half hours, Nadal returned to the track with Carreño to try to fix a classification that was very complicated when it had been within reach after the triumph of Baptist before Coppejans in the first game of the series. In anticipation of what could happen in the final phase of the competition, Nadal Y Carreño they were tested in the last meeting of the group stage in Perth, an inconsequential match against Japan, to synchronize in case it was time to solve a series in the point in pairs. And that was exactly what happened in Sydney before Belgium, with the Spaniards forced to a victory that buckled to put Spain in the semifinals of the tournament.

For more than an hour and a half, Nadal Y Carreño They could not read the Belgian serve. Thus, the rival couple won the first quarter in the playoff and threatened to take the victory in the second. It happened that the Spaniards got a break when the game was nearing the end, thanks to that review of the video, and the pulse changed completely. In the supermarket tie-breaker, unstoppable of energy, Nadal Y Carreño they took ahead of Gille Y Vliegen, protagonists of a very serious encounter, and celebrated that they are still alive in the ATP Cup, a demanding competition that tomorrow will once again test the firmness of the national team.

For now, recovering is the first step to arrive whole to the appointment with Australia.