the video where he confirms that he has a new love

Alejandra Rubio He believes in love again and the person responsible is a 30-year-old man whose identity is still unknown. Terelu Campos’s daughter is meeting this boy and her smile reveals the great moment she is experiencing. It was this past Sunday in the ‘Viva la Vida’ program, where he collaborates, when the bomb news broke. The influencer was privately telling Alba Carrillo, but Kiko Matamoros’ avid ear detected him and did not hesitate to act as a speaker so that everyone would know so he could not deny the evidence.

Asked about it just a few hours later, Alejandra Rubio has once again stated that she is starting a romance that she still does not want to give details. He wants to go calmly, without repeating past mistakes. There is no doubt that his face when asked about this new illusion denotes joy and optimism. The last time she was associated with a boy was with her coworker, Suso Álvarez. Their good harmony gave rise to think that between them the flame of love had been lit, but the truth is that their connection did not go beyond a beautiful friendship.

Although it may seem otherwise, Alejandra Rubio already has extensive experience in love with just 20 years. At the beginning of the year his break with Álvaro Lobo was made public, the boy with whom he had started a life project years ago, living in a central apartment in Madrid. Despite this, their love did not materialize and they decided to go their separate ways. Now, just a few months later, Carmen Borrego’s niece reopens her heart.

On the other hand, Alejandra Rubio is taking advantage of the time in this phase 1 of de-escalation of the alarm state. The first day that the terraces were allowed, he already enjoyed them together with his father, Alejandro Rubio. Father and daughter shared a table and tablecloth in a restaurant where they enjoyed a pleasant meal where they caught up after months separated by this harsh confinement. Although today social networks make it possible to be in permanent contact, no WhatsApp will match a face-to-face meeting or physical contact between two loved ones.

Rubio’s other big date last week was with his mother. As two friends (more than as mother and daughter), Alejandra and Terelu returned to the so strange normality going out to dinner with Alejandra’s group of colleagues. The daughter of María Teresa Campos proved to be very integrated in the group.