The Windsor Scroll on his birthday

This Wednesday, Prince Andrew has turned 60, but the celebration has not been as expected. The Duke of York began to fall out of favor after being involved in the Epstein case and was related to the pedophile Peter Nygard, accused of abuse and sex trafficking by more than ten women.

On November 20, after a television interview, the prince renounced all his institutional duties due to doubts that he sowed his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. When he turned 60, as tradition dictates, the duke should have promoted to admiral of the Royal Navy, but, the rumors and implications in which he is involved prevent him from accessing the post.

His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, has not left behind her professional duties on the birthday of her third child. This same morning, at 93 years of age and without losing the humor that characterizes her so much, the Queen of England has come to the inauguration of a hospital in London, where she has been able to know in first person the operation of the center and satisfaction of its customers and employees.

Isabel II

Despite having all these fronts open, the official account of the royal family, which includes Isabel II herself, has not hesitated to publish a tweet addressed to Prince Andrew, congratulating him and wishing him the best in his day.

Sara Ferguson, ex-wife of the birthday boy, has also taken the opportunity to celebrate through an Instagram post, Prince Andrew's 60th birthday. Despite their breakup, they continue to maintain a very good relationship and it is a great support for him.

No other member of the royal family has wanted to publicly congratulate the prince. They have preferred to stay out of any kind of controversy in which the Duke of York can be caught. The reputation of the prince has collapsed completely and can splash his relatives of royalty.

Prince Andrew

It is still unknown if your Majesty, after actively carrying out all the activities of your agenda scheduled for today, will have decided to spend an intimate time with your son to celebrate his birthday.