these are all the plots that can arise on the island

Only a few hours left before it starts ‘Survivors’ 2020 ’. An edition that Telecinco presents as the ‘More extreme and spectacular’ of history However, it is not precisely those adjectives that appear in the head of the spectators who are close to the contest. The proper names that have been appearing throughout these weeks have left all the followers of the format somewhat cold. However, although the strongest are not the contestants, the maximum expectation in this case comes from the existing frames between them. Without a doubt, it is the edition with more ties and connections in history.

Two of the great signings of this season are Dew Flowers Y Ana María Aldón. Rocío Jurado's granddaughter lands in Honduras in what will be her first foray into the world of television as a full-fledged protagonist. Investigate the relationship with his mother, Rocío Carrasco, is one of his strengths of reality, but not the only one. In the Cayos Cochinos will have to live with Ana María Aldón, the wife of Ortega Cano. The granddaughter of ‘the greatest’ will share the stage with the current wife of the singer's widower. How will your relationship be?

Ana María Aldón and Rocío Flores are two of the most powerful characters in the edition / Gtres

Separately, Rocío Flores will have to live with Albert Barraco, who had an affair with his aunt, Gloria Camila. The morbidity increases much more since it will be the one who comes as a defense to the sets.

And from tandem we go to trio. Helena, Hugo and Ivana Icardi They could also behave like a time bomb. Although their names are quite new in the television universe, the open plots they have left in Spain have occupied many television hours in recent months. While Adara has been the main protagonist of ‘GH VIP’And‘ The discount time ’, his mother has gained a lot of impact as a defender. His gift of speech, his education and his strength on the sets have been the ingredients for Survivors to decide to count on her. However, within the island you will have to share space with a well-known face. Hugo Sierra, the ex-partner of his daughter and father of his grandson will live with her and will leave in sight all the quarrels they have. To end this subgroup, Ivanna Icardi sneaks into the island to continue feeding the Gianamarco-Adara-Hugo love triangle. The young Italian had an idyll with the winner of ‘The time of the discount’ in the ‘GH’ Italian.

Helena, Hugo Sierra and Ivana Icardi, will solve quarrels during the contest?
Helena, Hugo Sierra and Ivana Icardi, will solve quarrels during the contest?

On the other hand, Alejandro Rubio has no links within the keys, but his first big television adventure is going to give much to talk about. For now, he is the son of two of the best known vips in our country. Judicially he is the son of Pepe Navarro and Ivonne Reyes, although the presenter continues to deny his blood relationship. His presence in ‘Survivors’ will revive one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the heart.

Survivors: These are all the plots that can arise on the island
Alejandro Reyes will rekindle one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the heart / Gtres

Without thinking or believing Fany He has become one of the most anticipated characters in the edition. Her convulsive participation in ‘The island of temptations’ has caused the young woman to become a television claim. His televised infidelity to Christian sows the doubt about whether in the Cayos Cochinos he will repeat it with another contestant. Maybe it will be with Jorge Perrá, the handsome civil guard?