They ask for aggravation of racism for ‘El Chule’, the gypsy who killed a “payo” in Vallecas

Francisco Doctor was stabbed to death on March 17, 2019 in the Madrid neighborhood of Pozo del Tío Raimundo. According to the accusation brought by the victim’s family, it was a murder aggravated by treachery, since the victim could not defend himself. Also, according to the same accusation, the murder was carried out with the aggravation of hatred towards one race, since the aggressors, of gypsy ethnicity, attacked the victims in a group without even asking what was happening “because they were nonsense, of another race.” clarifies the lawyer Jesús María Andujar who represents Francisco’s family.

The trial begins today at the Provincial Court with the constitution of the popular jury and the statements of the two defendants Jesús Campos “El Chule”, 20, and his father David. It is expected that ‘El Chule’ will follow the script of his only statements during the investigation of the case after turning himself in to the police ten days after the crime. The version of ‘El Chule’ relates that that day his relatives and those of the victims argued over the dog droppings. According to the alleged murderer, at one point the victim’s relatives began to beat the gypsy family and Jesús ‘El Chule’ in self-defense picked up a knife that happened to be found on the street floor, stabbing Francisco de 64 years producing death. ‘El Chule’ denies having previously stabbed Paco’s son in the head with the same knife.

The version of the prosecutor and the private prosecution of Paco’s family is completely different. According to his stories, David ‘El Yaqui’ father of ‘El Chule’ attacked three of the victims with a stick, and for that reason he is accused of injuries. Regarding ‘El Chule’, the accusations maintain that he participated in the brawl and even went up to his house to get a knife and went back down stabbing Francisco’s son in the head in the first place and then without any regard he attacked his own from behind Francisco when he was mediating the fight and stabbed the knife in his neck, killing him.

The prosecutor asks for 23 years for ‘El Chule’ for the murder. The family of the victims is requesting almost 40 years in prison for the accused for the murder of Francisco, aggravated by treachery and racism, and also for the attempted murder of Francisco’s brother who was stabbed in the head.

After the testimonies of the two defendants scheduled for Tuesday, tomorrow it will be the turn of the victims’ families to testify, since the defense of ‘El Chule’ has not summoned any witness to the brawl. On the trial weigh the days of tension and altercations that were lived in the Madrid neighborhood the days following the murder of Paco in 2019. Then, dozens of neighbors fed up with the continuous incidents with the family of the alleged murderers called protests in front of their homes until who left the neighborhood.