They burn alive in Guatemala a natural medicine expert accused of a witch doctor

The natural medicine expert, Domingo Choc Che, has been burned alive by some residents of the Chimay village in Guatemala. According to various local media reports, this brutal murder occurred last Saturday when a mob of men set the 55-year-old doctor on fire, accusing him of being a “sorcerer” and of having caused the death of a local neighbor.

In addition, some local residents recorded the moment and uploaded it to social networks where you can see a man on fire running while being chased. According to local media, the authorities arrived at the house where they had tied up and had beaten Domingo Choc Che, but they left without intervening. For 10 hours he was tortured, and in the morning they set him on fire with gasoline.

The own president of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei left a message on Twitter regretting what happened with the doctor. Domingo Choc Che was a renowned naturalist doctor who worked with several international universities.