They capture a subway and a half python in a Segre river channel as it passes through Lleida

The warning of a neighbor of Lleida has allowed to capture a python snake in a channel of the Segre river as it passes through the Catalan city.

The python, a meter and a half in length, could escape or be abandoned by its owner, was captured by Rural Agents of the Generalitat, who now investigate its origin since it is a real python (python regius), which is considered a invasive species, and it is forbidden to have it as a pet.

The capture of the snake, which occurred yesterday, was made possible by a citizen's warning and they suspect that the offense possibly escaped or was abandoned by its owner.

Rural agents have moved the snake, considered an invasive exotic species, to the wildlife recovery center of Vallcalent (Lleida) and have recalled that its possession as a domestic animal is prohibited.

They have also recalled that the owners of the royal python had to have communicated their possession to the authority and that they would have also had to inform if they had lost it.