They find in the river Pisuerga the body of the juvenile prosecutor of Alicante and Valladolid

The Firemen of Valladolid have rescued this Saturday the lifeless body of the Prosecutor of Minors of Alicante and former Prosecutor of Minors of Valladolid, Juan Ignacio Hernández, 56, on the Pisuerga River.

The subdelegate of the Government in Valladolid, Emilio Alvarez, He pointed out that, in principle, all indications of the National Police suggest that it could be suicide. "The autopsy is being performed and I suppose the results will be provided this Sunday, but everything seems to indicate that it is a suicide," he said.

The event occurred minutes before 9.40 on this Saturday, when the emergency center has received a call informing that there was a person floating on the Pisuerga river, at the height of the Regueral bridge, in Valladolid capital, as has indicated the 1-1-2 Emergency Center of Castilla y León.

The operating room 1-1-2 has notified the incident to the Local Police of Valladolid, the National Police Corps, the Firefighters of Valladolid and Sanitary Emergencies – Sacyl, which has sent a mobile UVI. In the place, the firefighters of Valladolid have rescued the lifeless body of the male.

The staff of prosecutors of Valladolid has moved to Europa Press which is "shocked"for the news in the face of the loss of" a great partner and a great person "