They reopened the case to investigate the brother of Miguel Carcaño, the murderer confessed

The Court of Instruction number 4 of Seville has decided reopen the investigation of the death of Marta del Castillo, as the young woman's parents had requested when considering that there are new tests that point to Francisco Javier Delgado, brother of the murderer confesor, Miguel Carcaño.

In a car issued this Friday to which Efe had access, Judge Álvaro Martín Estimate the request of Marta's parents, Antonio del Castillo and Eva Casanueva, and orders the State security forces and bodies to check "truthfulness" of tests, which indicate the existence of a economic background in the event, and "the possible participation of third parties" in the death of the young woman "who to date were not prosecuted for such events."

The other objective of the investigation, according to the magistrate, will be to verify whether of the facts reported by the family from the victim others are derived that allow "to clarify the place where the body is" of the young woman.

As reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), the judge entrusts the work to the same authorities that "to date had been investigating" the case, despite the fact that the family lawyer, Immaculate Torres, asked the court to assume the group of Homicides and Missing Persons of the Central Unit of Specialized and Violent Crime, which deals with unresolved cases.

Marta's parents, who was 17 when she was murdered on January 24, 2009, called for the reopening of the case because they believe there are new clues that could allow the discovery of the body, which has been unsuccessfully searched in numerous locations.

Antonio del Castillo explained to journalists on February 10 that the petition comes after the new information provided by Carcaño, sentenced to 21 years for the crime, when he visited him in the prison of Herrera de la Mancha (Ciudad Real) in February 2017 and He told her that the younger had been killed by her brother.

On that visit, Carcaño told Marta's father that this one died by two blows that his brother gave him with the butt of a gun after an argument between them produced not by non-payment of a loan, as he said on one occasion, but for the cover-up of «A plot of scams and falsehoods for the granting of mortgages ». The fight came because «A crime was to be discovered that could take both of them to jail, ”said Del Castillo.

In dispute, his daughter suffered the fatal blows and both brothers took the body to the Majaloba estate, in La Rinconada (Seville), although Delgado would have changed the body after the place, the girl's father added. Delgado «has the key to where the body is», although "they will not make him speak," said the parent, who gave credit to the new data provided by Carcaño although he acknowledged that he had lied "a lot."