This Friday they close 200 more offices after their ERE

Banco Santander will close another 200 offices this Friday in compliance with its Employment Regulation File (ERE) that is being carried out by the Bank for the integration of Banco Popular and whose objective is to close 1,150 offices.

According to the calendar marked by the bank of Ana Botín, after having made the closing in 175 offices three weeks ago, this Friday, November 8 will be executed the closing of another 200. On November 22 will follow 211 and then the procedure will end .

Andalusia takes the palm, with 46 offices, 30 in Madrid, 27 between the Valencian Community and Murcia and 20 in Galicia. At the same time, 21 offices in Catalonia, 10 in the Balearic Islands and 7 branches in Castilla y León will be affected.

This Friday, six offices between Cantabria and Asturias, another six in Extremadura and seven in Castilla-La Mancha, as well as fifteen between Aragón, Navarra and La Rioja and five in the Canary Islands, will also go down.

The bank said it would start executing this plan after the technological integration process of Banco Popular branches in the group was completed, which took place last July.

The entity carried out the closure of 116 offices in the months of May and June, but in this case they were branches that were closed in pilot territories or because their business was limited and transferred to collaborating agents, according to the sources consulted.

Adding all the closures already executed and those planned for this Friday, Banco Santander will have closed 917 offices. As planned, there is still one more batch that will affect 211 branches, to add 1,128. The remaining 22 are residual offices that could be adjusted as the plan is completed.

There will be no municipalities without services

Despite the announcement of 1,150 closures, no municipality will run out of banking services, since, in addition to the fact that most of the closures are taking place in the cities, the network of agents and collaborators is being reinforced.

However, each office that closes has another branch of the group at an average distance of about 230 meters. The bank has explained on several occasions that the rationalization of the network is part of the need to improve efficiency due to the duplicity derived from the integration of Banco Popular.

Banco Santander and the union representation signed last June an ERE that includes the closure of 1,150 offices, the termination of 3,223 jobs and early retirement from 55 years with between 75% and 80% of salary, depending on of the age.