this is how the ex-leader of Citizens lives the pregnancy of Malú

After the elections last November, Albert rivera He resigned as Citizen leader and announced that he was leaving the policy to "serve other people." Specifically, his parents, his partner, his friends and his daughter, to whom, he explained, he had dedicated "less hours than he should." Today, away from the media, but active in social networks, we know that Catalan is keeping his words. This was revealed by who was his party partner, Begoña Villacís.

Begoña Villacís at the Forbes CEO Awards of the Decade / Gtres

«Is happy. In fact, I saw him the other day and he is very happy. He is enjoying fatherhood a lot, ”said the policy Thursday night at the presentation of the Forbes CEO of the decade. «He is a great guy, so he is enjoying it a lot»he added. But her daughter Daniela is not her only happiness. Albert Rivera also looks forward to his second baby, the result of his relationship with Malu that, like the ex-leader of Citizens, is very happy with her pregnancy. «They are happy, how are they going to be if they are going to have their first baby together. They are enjoying it very much, as it cannot be otherwise, ”Begoña Villacís replied when asked about the singer.

Albert Rivera and Malú
Albert Rivera and Malú, happy with the singer's pregnancy / Efe

Although they are living this new stage to the fullest, both Albert Rivera and Malú they have treated the artist's pregnancy with discretion. An attitude that they have also maintained all these months of relationship. In the social networks of both, only the publication of last December 4 appears in which they announced the good news. «Now … I am very excited to share with you this wonderful gift that life has given us: We are going to be parents! We would like to live this desired pregnancy with the greatest tranquility to be able to enjoy it as it deserves. Once again, love wins, ”they wrote then to announce that they expect their first baby together.

Although they keep their personal life away from social networks, they have wanted to share some of their professional plans in recent days. Thus, Malú published that he is working on a new musical project and Albert Rivera announced that his book ‘Albert Rivera. A free citizen ’will be in bookstores starting next April 15. A cluster of good news while waiting for the arrival of your baby.