This is how the parish building on Toledo Street has remained inside after the explosion

The images inside the building on Calle Toledo after the explosion are daunting. The video to which OKDIARIO has had exclusive access shows the consequences of the deflagration in the parish building. At least three people have died and another is missing after the building was blown up after a gas explosion.

The images have been taken by one of the priests who has been rescued after the explosion. Our house just blew up through the gas pipe and I’m trapped on the fifth floor. There is a fire, I cannot go down », says the priest.

The emergency services deployed wait until gas bags are not produced so that the Police dogs can access and search for possible victims among the rubble. Three floors and the dormers have practically been destroyed by the explosion. According to municipal sources, it is expected that the next few hours will occur to a controlled collapse of the frame of the building that has been left standing.