This is the Atlético group in the Champions League

He Atlético de Madrid played on his visit to Bayer Leverkusen and the first place of the group is complicated. The mattresses started with the news of the victory in extremis of Juventus. Winning they were in the round of 16. But they fell 2-0 and do not close their pass to the next round.

It was not the best game of Simeone, who remain second with seven points, four above the German team that added its first three points in the competition. With this result, Atletico needs to win a match of the two remaining to be in eighths. The next match will be in Turin, where all your chances of being first will be played.

In the other match of the group, Juventus saved the furniture in Russia against the Lokomotiv of Moscow. Douglas Costa's goal in 93 gave him the victory to the team of Sarri, in a duel that began dominating thanks to Ramsey's goal in the fourth minute. The former Arsenal took advantage of a goalkeeper's fault after a foul shot by Cristiano, to push the ball in the same line and overtake his own.

However, the Russians soon matched the score. Miranchuk set the boards and blows the alarms in Juventus. They already suffered in the match played in Turin, where Dybala came to the rescue with a double. This time, The savior was Douglas Costa, what did he give mathematical pass to the round of 16

The Juventus leads group D alone with 10 points after his victory against Lokomotiv and the defeat of Atlético at the Bay Arena. If they score against the rojiblancos they will be almost first in the group, the victory would give them that position mathematically.

This is the Atlético group

1st Juventus – 10 points

2nd Athletic – 7 points

3rd Bayer Leverkusen – 3 points

4th Moscow Lokomotiv – 3 points