This is the European nobility with whom Tamara Falcó will rub shoulders

Almost seven months after the death of Carlos Falcó due to the coronavirus, his daughter Tamara Falcó has fulfilled one of her last wishes: that of inheriting the Marquis of Griñón. It was last Tuesday when he formally requested it, and as of the date you have to wait the statutory 30 days for the distinction to be granted. If everything goes according to plan, the daughter of Falcó and Isabel Preysler will become the 6th Marchioness of Griñón on November 12. Becoming a Marchioness is something she looks forward to. In addition to being a special legacy, this is the most media title that his father had the most affection for, who in turn inherited it from his mother. The winner of ‘Masterchef Celebrity 4’ was excited a few weeks ago about her plans: “I feel a great emotion and it is an honor that he thought of me to wear it.”

Last Tuesday Tamara Falcó officially requested the title of Marchioness of Griñón / Gtres

But obtaining it is not without controversy. Tamara’s relationship with Esther Doña, her father’s wife and who currently holds the title of marquise widow of griñón, is null. This was confirmed by herself in ‘La hora de la 1’, a program in which she collaborates, and where confessed that her husband’s daughter has not yet offered her condolences for the death of Falcó. Some statements that could turn their ‘status’ around. Esther proudly wears being a widowed marchioness, but it will be Tamara who decides, on November 12, if she allows her to continue proclaiming herself a widowed marchioness. It is a matter of days.

Esther Dona
At the moment, Esther Doña holds the title of marquise widow of Griñón / TVE

And until that time comes, Tamara is focused on her professional side. Something that maybe I can share with all a generation of ‘royals’ and national and European nobles, with whom he will rub shoulders in less than a month. The majority are, like Enrique Iglesias’s sister, university students, well prepared, fashion and bon vivant lovers and especially aware of what it means to be responsible for a generational change among the nobility.

This is the new nobility

National or international, Tamara Falcó will have no problem relating to them. His open nature and naturalness, in addition to the circles in which he has always moved, are a guarantee of having the doors open to this new social environment of which he will be part in a few weeks. But it is not something that is unknown to him and not only as far as kinship is concerned. Isabel Preysler’s daughter She counts, among her best friends, Casilda Finat, Viscountess of Rías. But also, it is worth remembering the relationship he had with Enrique Solís, son of Carmen Tello and her first husband, the Marquis de la Motilla.

Alexandra from Hannover, a ‘royal’ 2.0

Alexandra from Hannover
The little daughter of Carolina de Monaco and Ernesto de Hannover, a fashion-loving princess / Gtres

The youngest daughter of Carolina de Monaco and Ernesto de Hannover is the Grimaldi with the most noble titles. Princess of Hannover, Duchess of Brunswick and Lüneburg, is also Princess of Great Britain and Ireland and one of the 2.0 European Royals. Passionate about fashion, like Tamara, Alexandra has inherited the innate elegance of her mother and her sister Carlota.

Rose Hanbury, lover of Prince William?

The Duchess of Cholmondeley is one of the nobles who are part of the circle of close friends of Prince William. Scandal haunts her. His strong personality has had him in the eye of the hurricane starring on some of the covers of the British tabloids. His latest controversy? Some photos of Rose and Guillermo supposedly in affectionate attitude during a fun evening in a London club. Everything, during the third pregnancy of Kate Middleton, which made rivers of ink flow in the English press.

Lady Amelia Windsor, the model aristocrat

Without leaving the British royal family we find Lady Amelia Windsor. A distant cousin of Guillermo and Harry, at 25 she has worked as a model after signing for the agency that launched Kate Moss and has a degree in Italian-French philology. But she is also passionate about Spain and especially flamenco. A work trip to Rocío made her fall in love with the village of Almonte and Andalusian folklore.

Louis Spencer, Lady Di’s nephew

Viscount of Althorp, he is the heir to the county of Spencer. Nephew of Lady Di – her father is Count Spencer – is one of the golden bachelors of British high society. Despite being a cousin of Prince Charles’s children, it seems that their relationship is not as close as it is thought, although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wanted to have a nod towards their maternal family and hence their youngest son is named Louis .

Prince Joseph Wenzel, diction personified

At 24 he is called to be the Head of the Royal House of Liechtenstein, one of the richest royal families in Europe. And it is the owner of the private banking group LGT Bank, in addition to having numerous properties and an enviable art collection. Little else is known about this heir who decided to take a sabbatical before going to university, something that Tamara herself would have liked to do and who, after her mother’s response, decided to start her communication career in the United States .