This is the perfect yoga routine to end your tired legs

After all a day full of activity One of the best options when you get home is to take care of those parts of the body that suffer the most. Whether we are on our feet all day, or doing work sitting down, the legs are the most exposed, the consequences of a too sedentary and busy life. In order to end this intermittent pain and improve circulation in this area, nothing better than a simple yoga routine, less than 10 minutes and without having any notion of this discipline are enough to achieve it. Take note of how to get rid of tired legs easily.

The perfect yoga routine to end your tired legs

Yoga does not have to be complicated, it is simpler than it seems. His philosophy consists of knowing the body perfectly and moving it to eliminate certain blockages. Feeling parts of our being that we thought would be unknown, taking care of the back and legs is an essential task to improve tired legs.

The first position cannot be other than greetings to the sun. Take a deep breath and position your body to relax. Little by little begin to lean as you feel that you stretch your back.

Raise your hips. Place your body on your back and perform slight hip lifts, repeat this operation a few times until you feel that the entire part of the hips and back connects perfectly.

The candle is a posture that consists of putting your back on the ground and raise the legs, in this way a balance is achieved that relaxes all this part. The weight falls on the shoulders freely, there is no tension.

The triangle will stretch your body. Stand with your legs apart and your arms crossed. Draw a triangle with your body. With a straight back, move your body to the same side that you turn your foot on. The opposite hand and ankle go in the other direction.

With these postures for a few minutes, good ambient music and some candles or incense, we will start practicing yoga from scratch to end our tired legs.

Tips to combat tired legs

If you want to combat tired legs from within, there are a number of foods that can help you. Exercise is key, but so will include these ingredients in your client:

  • Drink at least a liter of water a day, is one of the elements that can help you the most to purify the body. It is essential to eliminate certain excesses that especially affect the legs.
  • Olive oil, nuts, and salmonThey have a good amount of essential fatty acids to avoid tired legs. Every day we must consume some of them for proper cardiovascular health.
  • Blueberries are good allies against varicose veins. One of the problems of tired legs is varicose veins with a good amount of this fruit we will notice benefits on the venous walls.
  • Green beans are an ideal vegetable to improve circulation in the legs. This food will help us indirectly, in salads or with a little chicken breast we will have the ideal dinner to take care of ourselves.