This will be the unmissable appointment of Miguel Bosé

After a summer on everyone’s lips for his statements, and while he is awaiting the date of his trial for filiation where he will have to face his ex, Nacho Palau, singer Miguel Bosé has an unavoidable date tonight. And is that hours to go to hear the historic “Aspirants, to kitchen!”, the characteristic phrase of ‘Masterchef’ that tonight will reopen the doors of its kitchens to sixteen well-known faces willing to demonstrate their skills when it comes to learning, putting into practice and conquering the most select palates.

In this edition there will be laughter, tears and hard confrontations between judges and applicants / @ jordicruzoficial

And it does so almost a year after Tamara Falcó won the precious prize of the fourth edition of the culinary talent, in whose final he competed with the actor Félix Gómez. And precisely this fifth edition will feature a large number of actors, who will fight to win the cash prize that will be donated to an NGO and a cooking course at the prestigious Basque Culinary Center. But the real challenge will be starred by two members of the same family who are very close to the interpreter of ‘The boys don’t cry’. Lucía Dominguín and her nephew Nicolás Coronado will face each other in the most famous kitchens on television. José Coronado has already manifested himself on his social networks showing his support for his son, how could it be otherwise, but who will be Miguel Bosé’s favorite?

But in addition to the Dominguín, Raquel Sánchez Silva will be another of the applicants of this fifth edition. Curiously, she returns to the program in which her husband, the Italian cameraman Mario Biondo, was working when he died eight years ago. The hostess swaps needles for pans and her facet of presenter for that of contestant, and she has done it in this very tough culinary contest that in this edition promises laughter, tears and tough confrontations.

Rachel Sanchez Silva
The presenter has changed the needle for the stove / @ raquelsanchezsilva

Like the ones that it seems that Jordi Cruz and the actor Jesús Castro will have, who will “make suffer” more than one partner, among which is the soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta. The Basque has put aside the scenarios to explore her facet on television and, after seeing her as a jury in ‘Prodigies’, she will now taste ‘the honeys’ of being judged by some top chefs.

This will be the start

They say that ‘there is no fifth bad’ and ‘Masterchef Celebrity 5’ begins in style with a first program that will last almost four hours. In their first contact with the kitchen, the applicants will face the bonito, a test in which they will have to cut up and prepare different dishes, with the supervision of the first two winners of this VIP edition: Saúl Craviotto and Miguel Ángel Muñoz .

Masterchef Celebrity 5
Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Saúl Craviotto will supervise the first test / RTVE

The second test will be carried out by teams in the outdoors and will go to the castle of Jaén, where they will have to cook a typical menu of the local gastronomy with olive oil as the main ingredient. Finally, and back on set, the sixteen contestants will have to pass a test deli, if you want to continue competing for another week. In this last test where the black aprons will already be defined, it will be the chef Dani García who will supervise the cooking.