Three arrested for a scam of 500,000 euros in the sale of technology online

The Civil Guard has arrested two men of 20, and their mother of 52, a Spanish national, accused of defrauding more than 500,000 in the sale of technological material online. According to the information handled by the Civil Guard, this scam could have affected more than 5,000 people and the detainees have been hunted in the town of Bigues i Riells.

The operation began a few months ago when a good number of users reported the scam in the sale of this type of technological products. The authors of the scam, now detained, promoted products such as mobiles, computer equipment and televisions through a web page with a discount of up to 80% of its market value.

On the fraudulent web they assured that the company had more than 20 years of experience, but the truth is that the orders placed by users never reached their destination. When customers claimed their shipment, they got no response and even blocked their phones so they didn’t have a chance to call them.

In this scam operation for technological products, the Civil Guard has also intervened two high-end cars, two high-performance computer equipment and has even blocked a good number of current accounts with values ​​of up to 85,000 euros.