Time | The cold lands in Spain this weekend: a sunny truce before next rainy week

The weekend will be marked by the slightly cloudy skies or with some high clouds in much of Spain and by the cold temperatures, more than normal, and especially at dawn, when the thermometer will drop below zero degrees in some areas, until Sunday approaches a storm that will mark a rainy weather next week, according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

Thus, the AEMET expects only a few scattered and weak rainfall in general this Friday and Saturday on the coast of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and tomorrow in Galicia, although they will affect the west of the Canary archipelago throughout the weekend.

In addition, it highlights that temperatures will remain abnormally low on Friday for the time of year and early morning frosts are expected in areas of the interior of the northern half, especially in mountainous areas. For example, this past dawn, -9.1 degrees centigrade (ºC) have been reached in Cap de Baqueira (Lleida); -8.3 ° C in Port Ainé (Lleida); -5.7ºC in Puerto del Pico (Ávila) and -5.5ºC in Cuéllar (Segovia); -5.2 in Sanabria (Zamora); -5ºC in Cerler (Huesca); -4.9 in Morón de Almazán (Soria) and -4.6ºC in Sigüenza (Guadalajara).

Already the Saturday and Sunday the thermometers will tend to rise across the board, although nighttime temperatures will continue to be
low. The wind with strong intervals will affect the north of Ampurdán this Friday and on Sunday the east wind will blow in the Strait.

Looking ahead to next week, the AEMET reports that an Atlantic storm will approach the Peninsula this Sunday, which still presents considerable uncertainty about its exact position and evolution, but it seems likely that it will be located to the west of the Peninsula and will be quite deep .

Therefore, the AEMET foresees that it will generate various low pressure centers and that from there it could then travel to the British Isles. With this situation, foresee that they will be probable abundant rainfall, on Monday in the northwest of the peninsula, on Tuesday in the entire northwest half, and Wednesday and Thursday in almost the entire Peninsula.

It also specifies that they could be locally strong or persistent and be accompanied by a storm on Monday in western Galicia; Tuesday in the northwest and north quadrant of Extremadura; and Wednesdays and Thursdays in large areas of the western and central peninsula and the Pyrenees.

As of Friday, uncertainty increases although it seems likely that they will already begin to be less abundant, although they may affect many areas of the Peninsula, especially the west of the peninsula.

They could also affect the western islands of the Canary Islands throughout the week, while on the contrary, they will be unlikely in the Balearic Islands and the southeast of the peninsula.

As for the temperatures for next week, the AEMET expects them to rise on Monday but fall between Tuesday and Thursday to rise again on Saturday.

Wind Monday will blow from the Levant in Alboran and with strong intervals in the Strait, while the rest of the week the south wind will predominate, with strong intervals and strong or very strong gusts in many areas.

In general lines, the AEMET expects that the week of October 19 to 25 will be rainier than normal in most of the Peninsula, less in Levante and normal in temperatures, although it will be up to 3 degrees Celsius warmer than normal in the southeast third. *
Finally, he expects that the trend for the week from October 26 to November 1 will be rainier than normal again except in the eastern third, where it will be normal in terms of rainfall and the whole of the Peninsula will have normal temperatures for the time except in the southern half of Galicia and northwest and west of Castilla y León where they will be slightly colder.