Tips to always get the perfect makeup

What is the perfect makeup? The truth is that the question can lead to several answers because it will be a matter of the taste of each person. There are women who prefer a Natural makeup that only “covers” imperfections or redness and little else and others consider that a perfect makeup will be the makeup that allows you to highlight eyes, lips and also highlight cheekbones and get the face to look well defined regardless of the amount of makeup applied. However, we can resort to certain “rules” or general tips to get our makeup, regardless of taste, always look perfect and flawless.

Tips to get the perfect makeup

In internet we can find countless tutorials that are advertised as the «perfect make up», But as we have already said it will be a matter of taste and in addition, it will also be necessary take into account several factors, for example our skin or hair tone, which will allow us to have a makeup that is more than perfect the right one for every woman.

Let’s see then a series of tips that it seems to us that they will serve you in general lines so that when it comes to putting on makeup, you can achieve a result that qualifies as “perfect”.

1 – Application of the base

Did you know that, depending on the degree of base coverage you want to achieve, you can mix it with water to make it better? Yes, by adding a little water to the product it is possible to clarify its texture, facilitate its application and avoid the unsightly “grease paint effect”.

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to spread the product well, apply foundation with a damp sponge; This will speed up the application of the product on the face and the sponge will glide smoothly over the skin, making the foundation much better integrated into the face and covering the pores better.

2 – Powder: makeup’s best friend

The powder is an essential cosmetic, which should never be missing in your bag or toiletry bag. Is should be applied after foundation and after concealer, in all areas of the face that tend to shine during the day.

Ultimately, the powder will have to become your makeup’s best friend.

3 – How to apply mascara correctly

To apply the mascara correctly without getting dirty, it is essential choose the right brush for the size of your eyes and the effect you want to achieve on your eyelashes.

If you have small, sunken eyes, we suggest you go for a precision one. While applying the cosmetic, try to look down, perhaps with the help of a mirror; thanks to this trick you will avoid that the product touches and stains the arch of the eyebrow.

As an alternative to mascara, to give your look more prominence, you could Consider using magnetic false eyelashes . In this way the eyes will acquire intensity even without using the brush.

4 – Eyeliner and the perfect line

Creating a perfect line with eyeliner can seem like an impossible task. Actually, it is not as difficult as it sounds if the application is done step by step. To make things easier, go for an eyeliner pencil with a felt brush; they are usually the simplest models to use.

Starts to darken the lash line, without worrying about being very precise. Then proceed by making the tail, drawing a line towards the end of the eyebrow. To finish everything, make one last pass, to thicken the line and delineate it better.

5-Flawless lips

If you want flawless lips, with lipstick that won’t smudge even after eight hours, don’t despair, the feat is doable. First, Choose a matte one, as it has a long-lasting texture, and use a solid matte pencil.

Starts to draw the lip contour accurately, being careful not to stain. Color the inside and then remove the excess product with a tissue. After makeup, rubs lips with a veil of powder, to fix everything better.

6 – The ideal makeup for blondes

For a perfect foundation, it is essential to match the makeup tones with the hair color. According to the most experienced makeup artists, blondes look best with softer, less pronounced makeup shades.

In this case makeup should be light and natural, to give harmony and properly highlight the face. For example, it is good to use neutral colors such as pink or beige and avoid black or too dark.

7- The ideal makeup for brunettes

Brunettes have more options when it comes to choosing the color for makeup. If you have dark hair and brown eyes, you can make your eyes stand out even more by using shades that tend to brown and purple.

If, on the other hand, you have black hair and blue eyes, you can try with shades ranging from black to slate gray. If you have brown hair and blue eyes, opt for a golden chestnut.