Tita Cervera comes out in defense of her son Borja Thyseen

Tita Cervera has been one of the assistants to the delivery of the Forbes CEO Award of the Decade, granted, this year, to Pablo Isla, president of Inditex. A night that has coincided with renowned personalities of politics such as Pablo Casado, Begoña Villacís or Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and where He has referred to the legal proceedings his son, Borja Thyssen has faced, who has not hesitated to defend.

Baroness Thyssen has said that, right now she trusts justice and that both she and her son "are calm." However, he recalled that they have starred in hard times that, in his opinion, the press did not deal with the right way. «I complained about the press, that when you say nasty things, you say them more, than when there are nice things, ”said Tita Cervera. In addition, he has assured that the media have not treated his son's topic well. «Justice yes, but the press no». The reason? » A lot of propaganda has been done for unnecessary time, however, when everything went well and was solved, thanks to justice, it was not just named, ”he said. Strong statements that have been produced shortly after he publicly congratulated his daughter-in-law, Blanca Cuesta, with whom he has had a relationship of ups and downs.

Tita Cervera and Pablo Isla in the presentation of the Forbes CEO of the decade / Gtres Award

«Very beautiful, yes, in Qatar. Congratulations, ”said Tita Cervera at the inauguration of Rembrandt and art in Amsterdam, about the art show that opened her daughter-in-law in Qatar. Of course, he did not want to value Blanca's talent. "Every painter is different when he paints," he said.

Tita Cervera
Tita Cervera and Andrés Rodríguez at the presentation of the Forbes CEO of the decade / Gtres award

Beyond the judicial processes of Borja Thyssen, Tita Cervera has talked about other issues that generate much joy. "I have opened temporary exhibitions, I have opened a work in Valencia with a private collection of 50 paintings of mine and it has gone very well," he said when asked about the beautiful things in his life right now.

A pending trial

Although he was acquitted of an alleged crime of tax fraud for not submitting the 2007 income statement in Spain, Tita Cervera's son still has a pending trial.

Borja Thyssen and Blanca Cuesta / Gtres

In April 2019, Borja Thyssen and Blanca Cuesta were accused of having defrauded a total of 336,417.89 euros from fiscal year 2010 to the Treasury for the sale of shares in several companies. A crime for which the Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Madrid asks for a million euros of fine and three years in prison for each defendant. However, the trial has not yet been held.