To serve drinks to key women in Spanish politics, the less known side of the president of the Congress of Deputies

Meritxell Batet She has been re-elected as president of Congress. There may be someone who does not say anything but the matter is not trivial since its position consolidates it as one of the highest authorities in our country, Only behind King Philip. At 46, the member of the PSOE and right-hand Pedro Sánchez occupies a position with which he always dreamed since since he was very young he has been interested in the executive branch. In fact it was frequent that in the institute and the University it exerted the roles of delegate and unionist.

Meritxell Batet has been re-elected president of Congress this Tuesday, December 3 / Gtres

She has never been too friendly to expose her private life and has preferred to have a low media profile, a circumstance that is not linked to not having much to tell. Without going any further he fell madly in love with an opposition member. Batet married in 2005 and with 32 years with José María Lasalle, number 2 of the Ministry of Culture of the PP with José Ignacio Wert in the legislatures of Mariano Rajoy. A love that (politically) could not swim more against the tide and that was dissolved eleven years later with two twin daughters in common, Valeria and Adriana. The president of the Congress re-rebuilt her life with Héctor López Bofill, an independent candidate for municipal elections.

Meritxell Batet has never given anything away. He was born and raised in the neighborhood of Vallcarca, one of the five that makes up the district of Gracia in Barcelona. As a young girl, she loved classical and contemporary dance and her most passionate passion was to be a dancer, but a painful injury to one of her ankles frustrated this dream. But it was not the worst. In an interview with ‘El País’, the Catalan woman said that he lived on his skin what it is to be evicted by the bank after the continued non-payment of the mortgage of the apartment where they lived.

Another episode to take into account was the early separation of his parents, which marked his childhood. He wanted to study law but The economic situation at home was not too buoyant and she was forced to pay for her studies working as a waitress in two of the best known nightclubs in Barcelona: ‘Nick Havanna’ and ‘Bikini’. She didn't drop her rings for serving drinks at night and even this was an apprenticeship for her: «Now, with perspective, I think it was quite an effort, many nights without sleep and then going to class at 9.00, but then I lived it as something natural In addition, those nights serving J&B whiskey with Coca-Cola also had a good time. Biographies serve one to extract learning and having had to make an effort is a good companion in your professional life, ”says Batet herself in a conversation with‘ The World ’.

Meritxell Batet, Queen Letizia, Infanta Sofia, Princess Leonor
Meritxell Batet, with Queen Letizia and her daughters / Gtres

His images with King Felipe VI during a reception were very commented on by the great affinity and connection shown by the two people with the most political power in the country. He also had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Letizia and her daughters, the Infanta Sofia and Princess Leonor. Personally, Meritxell Batet has no problem confessing to being addicted to Zara's clothes, as well as relaxing ironing and hates cleaning the windows, confessions he said during a talk with ‘Telva’.