Toni Nadal makes the jump to TV

Toni Nadal, uncle and former coach of Rafa Nadal, will make the leap to television by the hand of Movistar. He will be the host of the program The full Spain, in which he will announce extraordinary people from different points of the Spanish geography. A new project that "deludes" him and that will combine with his work at the Rafa Nadal Academy, in Manacor, a project in which he has spent the last years.

At the end of 2017 they decided that the time had come to separate their paths. After a lifetime of working together, uncle and nephew decided that it was the ideal occasion for dissolve the perfect tandem which had generated so many successes: Toni Nadal was no longer the coach of Rafa Nadal, work that he would occupy and that Carlos Moyá now maintains. The uncle and former coach of number one decided to focus on the Rafa Nadal Academy to train and train the talents of the future. A work that also combined with his participation in different conferences of inspiring and motivational character.

Now, Toni Nadal will make the leap to television to present the program of Movistar, The full Spain, which will be released soon on the channel # 0. A space that will release «unknown stories, powerful and touching starring anonymous Spaniards that is worth knowing ”, according to the statement issued by Movistar.

Toni, who has previously collaborated as a columnist or analyzing parties, feels very excited about this new project. «It's a project that excites me a lot, in which we will tell everyday stories in Spain starring unknown people capable of doing impressive things », He said. Toni, defender of work and effort as a fundamental basis for success, will now bring to the public stories of anonymous people and fighters who can inspire others.