Tremendous controversy, the pilots were given caps with stars

Controversy in the Catalan Moto GP Grand Prix. The caps provided by the championship organization to the first three classified for pole, with which one of their sponsors is shown as Dunlop, carried the estelada, Catalan independence and unconstitutional flag.

The images did not cast doubt and were given after Moto 3 classifications on the track. Arbolino, Fernández and Rodrigo They went up to the pole podium and the organization supplied them with the advertising caps in the paddock, with which they must pass through the mixed zone where they are interviewed by the media after their times. There was the trio of pilots, all equipped with their Dunlop advertising caps, yellow (in reference to the brand but with clear influence for the independentistas), and that on one of its sides had drawn the Catalan independence flag.

It is common in races for pilots to pose with this type of caps. Usually it is Dunlop that supplies these items for advertising purposes and depending on which Grand Prix is ​​given, one or another flag is embroidered (that of Qatar, Italy …). In the Grand Prix of Catalonia, the one that was chosen, either by mistake or deliberately, was the catalan estelada.

The networks fume in such a situation. The independence star appears in the official caps of this GP in another new mess that mixes sport and politics, this one with unconstitutional overtones. At the moment, neither Dunlop nor the organization have commented on the matter, something that in normal conditions should not take long to happen.

In Moto GP, the caps worn by the top three finishers, Morbidelli, Quartararo and Valentino Rossi, were those of Michelin, another of the sponsors of the motorcycle championship. These did not carry any type of flag or symbols unlike those used in Moto 3.