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The president of United States, Donald trump, held a rally this Sunday that bypassed local regulations against Covid-19 in Nevada, a state considered key in the presidential elections in November, and asked attendees to demand the reopening of the governor.

The president concentrated thousands of people in a closed facility of the Xtreme Manufacturing company in Henderson, near Las Vegas, which is a violation of both local and state regulations that prohibit concentrations of more than 50 people.

The announcement that this election campaign event was to take place prompted the Governor of Nevada, the Democrat Steve Sisolak, to brand him as “shameful, dangerous and irresponsible”, to which Trump responded during the rally: “Tell your governor to open the state!” he snapped at the audience.

“If the governor comes for you, something he should not do, you should know that I will be with you,” the president also addressed those present.

Trump’s request to “open” Nevada comes in a state that already has one of the most relaxed policies in the United States regarding Covid-19, and where, for example, casinos, movie theaters, etc. are allowed to operate. restaurants and gyms, yes, with capacity restrictions.

A key state

This Sunday was the first massive act of the Republican in a closed compound since the June experience in Tulsa (Oklahoma), when a rally that was surrounded by controversy and that had been announced as his return to the electoral campaign ended up attracting many fewer people than expected. Since then, all of Trump’s events had been outdoors.

The president is these days in the western United States to try to gather more support in Nevada and Arizona, two states considered key for the election and in which he is behind his Democratic rival, Joe biden.

On Monday, the president will also go to neighboring California to find out in situ of the evolution of the dozens of great fires that remain active in the American West, which have already claimed more than thirty lives since August.