Trump welcomes at the White House the historic signing of Israel’s agreements with the Emirates and Bahrain

Donald trump A new point has been made in its foreign policy by sponsoring in the White House the signing of the historic agreements to normalize relations that Israel has reached in recent days with two Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. Trump has called the day “a historic day for peace in the Middle East.”

These agreements, signed in Arabic, Hebrew and English, have been signed in the chronological order in which they were announced, first that of the UAE and then that of Bahrain. They have been baptized as the ‘Accords of Abraham’.

The ceremony, led by Trump, was attended by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu; and the Foreign Ministers of the UAE and Bahrain, Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan and Abdulatif bin Rashid al Zayani, respectively.

The US president stressed at the beginning of the ceremony that the signing of these agreements represents “the dawn of a new Middle East.” “We are here this afternoon to change the course of history,” he added.

“Today, the nations of the region and the world come together, united in their determination to build a better future,” said Trump, who had indicated minutes before the ceremony that “more countries” will reach similar agreements with Israel, amid of the Palestinian Authority’s complaints against them, which it has described as “a betrayal of the Palestinian cause and Jerusalem.”

In this sense, the tenant of the White House has said that these agreements “are something that no one thought was possible” and added that the populations of the countries of the region have been paralyzed by “lies and betrayals.” “The lies passed from generation to generation,” he criticized, while emphasizing that the countries that signed the agreement “free themselves from the failed positions of the past.”

For his part, Netanyahu has spoken of a day that will serve as “the axis of history”, while thanking Trump for his “decisive leadership.” “This gives hope to all the children of Abraham,” he argued.

He also stated that “this peace will eventually expand to include other Arab states and can ultimately end the Arab-Israeli conflict once and for all,” as the newspaper reported. The Times of Israel.

Netanyahu, had stated before the signing through his account on the social network Twitter that it is “a historic day for Israel” and stressed that it is “a peace from strength.”