Two men arrested as alleged perpetrators of a sexual assault

The Ertzaintza has arrested two men as alleged perpetrators of a sexual assault on a woman in a house in the Biscay town of Baracaldo. The woman denounced the events two days after the alleged violation, which occurred during the night of day 4 as confirmed by sources from the Security Department of the Basque Government.

Baracaldo City Council has announced that it will be presented as a popular accusation in the case and its mayor, Amaia del Campo, has contacted the Clara Campoamor association to "go hand in hand" in the judicial procedure.

“This is the answer that aggressors will always have of this City Hall in cases like the one we have met this morning, because we cannot tolerate this happening in our city, ”announced Del Campo.

The Board of spokespersons of the City Council has approved an institutional statement to support the sexually assaulted woman, at the same time that it has joined the concentration that the feminist collective has convened this afternoon at 6:00 pm in the Plaza del Pueblo de Baracaldo.

The mayor thus joins the demonstration because she considers it necessary to show the "disgust" of the City Council before this type of aggression and has made this request to the Government to leave after 10-N: "The politicians of Madrid as of Monday have the obligation to establish themselves as a government so that the Criminal Code update is put as a first task so that this type of disgusting crimes against women receive the punishment they deserve. "

"Any sexual assault on a woman should be considered rape. We must act with iron hand against rapists and against cowards who don't respect women's freedom, "he said.

Different feminist groups have joined the concentration, such as the Argitan women's advisory center, which has demandedas institutions that put underway "measures that guarantee the safety of women" because "statements and purposes are of no use if this does not translate into policies that really combat violence."