UEFA allows 30% of the public to return to stadiums after the coronavirus pandemic

The UEFA Executive Committee has approved that spectators can enter the matches of their competitions up to 30% of the capacity, although the last decision will be made by the authorities of each country. Despite this decision, what will not be allowed is that among those fans there is the visiting team.

After the experiment carried out in the final of the European Super Cup between Bayern Munich and Seville UEFA has concluded that it went well and accepts that there is an audience in the stands in the competitions that are under his mandate. Yes, the final decision rests with the governments and local authorities, so not in all countries will people enter stadiums.

This decision will start next week during the FIFA break. Countries that allow it will allow a maximum of 30% of the stadium’s capacity to enter. Ticket sales will be intended only for fans of the local teamTherefore, spaces will not be reserved for rival fans. In addition, if in a country the doors of the fields are opened but they consider it appropriate that the capacity is lower, it will be so.

Among the measures that UEFA will implement is that of social distance between spectators and the use of masks, although everything is still subject to the laws that are established in each country. “The decision is a sensible first step that puts the health of the fans first and respects the laws of each country,” said Aleksander Ceferin.

“In these difficult times, it is important to restore hope and passion to football fans and we urge them to behave appropriately and respect the sanitary measures in force for their own health and that of their club mates or the national team, ”added the UEFA president.