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UK has announced that it has decided ban social gatherings at home in Manchester and other northern areas of the country, arguing that “unfortunately” the authorities have detected “an increase in the transmission rate” of COVID-19.

As the British Health Minister, Matt Hancock, explained, the spread of the disease in these areas is “mainly” due to the fact that people gather in homes and do not respect physical distance.

Thus, as of this Friday, the meetings of people from different homes within a home are prohibited in Manchester, Leicester, West Yorkshire and East Lancashire, with the goal of “keeping people safe”.

“We carried out this action with great regret, but we can see the rising rates of COVID-19 across Europe and we are determined to do whatever it takes to keep people safe,” Hancock said through his account at the Twitter social network.

The Government has indicated hours before that those infected with Covid-19 or with symptoms compatible with the disease should be quarantined for ten days, instead of seven, a recommendation that is in line with the guidelines issued by the World Organization of the Health (WHO).

United Kingdom confirmed this Thursday 846 new infections and 38 deaths, which places the totals at 302,301 and 45,999, respectively, since the start of the pandemic in the European country.