undergo aesthetic stress treatment

The son of Kiko Matamoros has revealed all the details of this new decision with which he has achieved "magical" results

Just when you go through one of the most delicate moments of your life, Diego Matamoros He has decided to make certain alterations of his face. The son of Kiko de Matamoros shared this Thursday on his Instagram profile that last week he saw the need to go to an aesthetic clinic in the capital to treat the eye bags, the expression lines -In his opinion very marked- and the dull skin, product of the lack of sleep and exhausting rhythm I was keeping.

As he explained, he tested the ‘Good Face Effect’, “which he achieves erase facial stress«. A decision he doesn't regret. «The result has been magical. I will be back very soon! And most importantly, facial treatments of aesthetic medicine may impress, but they have hurt absolutely nothing. The procedure is very fast and the effect brutal, ”said Diego Matamoros.

Estela Grande's couple has explained the whole process through a video, where a professional is observed making the pertinent suggestions and applying the treatment. Although the expert ensures that the results are observed after a few days, Matamoros has indicated that improvements are noticed immediately.

The son of Kiko Matamoros, who has also published part of his aesthetic retouching in a story of the aforementioned social network, has received hundreds of comments that support or criticize his decision. "How cool," "If I could, I would do the same. A big kiss ”or“ how handsome ”are some of the positive messages that can be read in your Instagram post. On the other hand, users who judge him have written comments that might bother him. «The dull face I think you have it forever» or «leave your wife, you'll see how you take it off»Are some of them.