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The British finance minister, Sajid Javid, unexpectedly presented his resignation Thursday, his spokesman confirmed, the same day that the chief executive, Boris Johnson, carried out the main readjustment of the Government since his electoral victory last December.

The resignation of the head of the British Economy has fallen like a real surprise in Westminster, the country's political center, because Johnson was expected to keep Javid in that portfolio.

As reported by the BBC public network, Javid's replacement in that wallet will be Rishi Sunak, so far the head of the Treasury.

Along with that new designation, there will also be a joint team of special advisers from now on who will serve both the Johnson Cabinet and the Department of Economics.

According to the British television channel, the resignation of the head of the Economy is due to the fact that the "tory" leader had insisted that he get rid of his team of advisors and replace them with other officials appointed by the Executive, something that Javid has flatly rejected.

Its march also arrives a few days after the presentation, on March 11, of the general state budget, the first after the completion of Brexit on January 31.

According to a source close to Sajid cited by local media, the announcement of his resignation is preceded by rumors that point to a tense relationship between the already former minister with Dominic Cummings, Johnson's powerful and chief advisor.

According to the same source, Sajid said that no "minister who respects himself" could accept the conditions that the chief executive wanted to impose on him to maintain that portfolio.