Unicaja, license to dream

Unicaja did not miss the opportunity before his audience and took the last game of the quarterfinals against a combative Casademont Zaragoza. The malagueños they went in tow most of the game, but in the middle of the third quarter they put one more gear to distance yourself on the scoreboard. The last seconds were heart attack with Alocén having a chance to reduce the lead to one point after failing a triple to four seconds.

The Copa del Rey host team made a tremendous choral effort with nine players from the Casimir team scoring a minimum of five points in the clash. DJ Seeley, however, could not do more for Zaragoza after scoring 18 of the 36 points of the visitors to finish his total account with 29.

Unicaja, which exhibited a totally Spanish quintet in the final minutes, It passes to a semifinals where Andorra will be measured in its great opportunity to return to live up to its history. If there is something that this Malaga team and its coach have, it is a special angel to know how to take advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves. The Carpena lived a bright day after years in darkness.