Up to seven companies are interested in the Torrelavega factory

The future of Sniace will be decided in the coming days. The bankruptcy administrators of the company, in the process of liquidation after closing the Torrelavega plant four months ago, have contacted more than 60 companies around the world who might be interested in acquiring the factory complex and with seven of them have signed confidentiality agreements to provide more information based on an increased interest shown in bidding.

The deadline for submitting proposals initially ends next June 25th, date that in any case will depend on those that have already been registered, if there are “enough” or some are “good enough to accept it”. If not, this period will be extended, according to what has been indicated to Europa Press responsible for the procedure, which is “ongoing”.

So far, they have contacted more than 60 companies at a national and international level that could be interested in the Torrelavera factory, which ceased its activity and dismissed the entire workforce.

Regarding the sale of Sniace, “totality will always prevail over partiality,” said the aforementioned sources, referring to the fact that the priority is to maintain the productive unit instead of fragmenting it, as demanded by the former workers through the committee of company.

Another party affected by the procedure, the Minority shareholders, demanded the reopening of the plant, dedicated to the production of cellulose and fiber, with which, in other things, gowns and masks are manufactured, whose demand has exploded with the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the administrators have insisted to this agency that this option is “unfeasible” since, among other things, “multimillion-dollar” investments would be required to face losses derived from the current means of production and which, they claim, are more than 3 million euros per month, representing 36 million a year.

Thus, according to their calculations, an initial disbursement of “100 million minimum” would be required to “restart” the Sniace factory in Torrelavega, which in their opinion is “unaffordable” and thus, they conclude, they have transferred both to the committee and to the Ministry and Ministry of Industry.