UPTA asks them to vote "massively" and "sensibly" in the general elections of 10-N

The president of the association of autonomous UPTA, Eduardo Abad, has called for the massive participation of this group in the elections next Sunday and has asked to vote "sensibly" and "accordingly."

Abad has stressed that the self-employed play a lot in these elections. "We play forward, continue with changes that are positive for our group and we play that fireworks policies and sensationalist policies do not come to occupy the first place in the political scene of autonomous work," he said.

The president of UPTA has made it clear that the self-employed need stability with a "strong" government that drives measures regarding the transformation of self-employment. "We need the autonomous work of the future to be considered as an industrial revolution to use," he added.

Abad has warned that a stage in which the self-employed have grown based on creating a "entrepreneurship bubble" has already been exhausted. Therefore, he believes that "it is time to make draft decisions from the point of view of durability."

The president of UPTA has warned that "some political parties" include among their proposals for this collective totally unrealizable measures, impossible to implement, so he has asked to vote thinking in the medium term. "We are not in favor of short-term measures that do not solve the real problems of our collective," he explained.