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Life remains the same for him Sports and the Lugo, which were neutralized (0-0) in the Galician derby on the grass of Anxo Cart, where the Blue and Whites, second division colistas, matched their record of consecutive games without winning (17) in professional football.

The priority of the Coruña team was, again, not to score goals, and left its goal to zero (with two good stops of Dani Gimenez), but he did not succeed in the occasions he had in the rival area, almost all of Víctor Mollejo, in front of a more combinative Lugo but with less punch than the last appointments.

The Deportivo appeared in the Anxo Carro with many urgencies and his technician, Luis César Sampedro, chose to give continuity to the 4-3-3 system that had left him feeling good in the previous appointment, before the Alcorcón (0-0), but with a change in alignment with the entry of Aketxe by Longo.

The news, beyond the puncture of a Deportivo who has not won since the first day, were the statements of Nolaskoain. The Galician team player posted a video on Instagram Only for his best friends where he talked about the situation of his team.

Nolaskoain, Deportivo player: "It's amazing how bad we are"

"It's amazing the year we are doing, we don't win a match or the ONCE, it's amazing how bad we are, it's very worrying … and I don't go out to get drunk and forget the year of shit I'm doing," express.

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