What are the fashionable hair colors according to experts?

Every year there are various trends in hair. Now they go from pixie cuts to long wavy manes. However, when it comes to dealing with coloring trends, there are reflections and slightly darker tones that replace the lighter blondes. Which are the trendy hair colors according to experts?

When you choose the fashionable color you want, you feel more confident and illuminate your eyes in a great way. L’Oréal Paris indicates what these novelties are for this 2020/20021 season.

Various shades of chestnut

Caramel has found its way into the hair of many celebrities and especially royals. According to L’Oreal, it provides soft golden reflections that transform a graceless chestnut into a very luminous caramel tone.

Wicks hair contouring

In makeup, contouring creates a play of light and shadow that enables reliefs to be drawn and the face redefined.

If we apply it to the hair, it is something quite similar. It is a technique that lightens the strands that surround the face in order to illuminate and soften the features. One of the fashionable hair colors are haircontouring highlights that you can get with any of the blonde tones in the range that the firm presents.


The light blonde has been superseded by other shades. In this case, we point to the reddish blonde that returns with more force. This can be obtained with red hair dyes more advanced than those of yesteryear to unite blondes and redheads on the same side. Blond copper is one of the trendy hair colors.

Highlights for dark brown

For the 2020/2021 season, the fashionable hair colors according to L’Oreal are dark manes that retain their roots but lighten at the ends a couple of tones.

They are melting highlights and the effect is so natural that it will conquer even those who have never been dyed. There is no exact tone, then it depends on the color tone you have, and it offers a very cool gradient effect. Combine a dark brown with a lighter shade on the tips of the hand.

Ash blonde

Now there is no longer iced blonde because it is intended to soften. It offers its most sophisticated version with a blond with ash undertones thatIt illuminates the face, which, according to L’Oreal, we see well by neutralizing the color of all the hair. This is joined by highlights that reveal the dark root. It must be bleached so that the tone looks lighter.

Within the color ranges of L’Oréal Paris there are dyes with ash undertones that will help you achieve the blonde that is among the fashionable hair colors.

Wheat reflections

It is a brownish base mixed with very warm golden touches. Something that causes a sensation that awakens passions and offers a much warmer appearance to each face. This new version of the bronde offers an impressive, different and cosmopolitan look.

Nordic blonde

If we thought it was not such a trend, it seems that Nordic blonde does stand out again. And it is a preferred color for many when the roots come out and the brunette is no longer history of the past. This Nordic-inspired blonde is something different from the usual one, but this does not mean that it takes you away from being a blonde girl.

Each one has its perfect tone and you are sure to find yours. They are color baths that are perfect according to the base of each person’s hair.


  • First test a part of the hair how this color will look.
  • Choose the professionals to perform highlights and color baths.
  • Change your image if you are tired of seeing yourself always in the same way, you will enjoy yourself and you will look more beautiful.
  • Choose high-quality coloring products.