What are the most frequent questions of the Spanish about sex?

We think we know everything about sexuality, but we don’t. We have many doubts and some questions that we are not clear about even though we are celebrating our birthday. What are the most frequently asked questions Spanish about sex? Are the concerns of men and women common? ifeel has prepared a study on the most common queries, which establishes what interest Spaniards have on this subject.

The questions are different for women and men, although there is a growing interest in all of this.

What do they ask?


Some of the most prominent are related to vaginismus, the inability to have vaginal penetrative sex. It is a doubt because women can suffer a negative impact on self-esteem, concern for their own health, etc.

The lack of desire It is also a fairly frequent question, and it seems strange to us, but yes, it happens. According to ifeel, the lack of sexual desire generates significant problems in relationships.

How painful! Is he painful intercourse before, after or during sexual intercourse turns out to be something frequent. And it can range from postcoital vaginal irritation to deep pain.

Insecurities We have already seen some, but there are more and especially related to the sex appeal. For ifeel managers it is necessary, then, to examine stereotypical beliefs about beauty or attractiveness that are so rigid that they do not allow the person to be included in their own standard.

Questions about different sexual positions they are also quite common in this area. Apparently, it is common to feel a predilection for different positions, sexual games or any other way of having sex, but it is also common to feel fear of the unknown. It is another question of what the Spanish ask about sex.

What are the most frequent questions of men about sex?

It is convenient to know what they think about this issue and what the Spanish think about sex. The premature ejaculation it is a common theme. It is a common sexual problem that occurs when a man has a complete lack of control over his ejaculation.

Experts explain that it is frustrating for the sufferer and for their sexual partners, as it dynamites much of the sexual encounter. With a proper approach, a great deal of room for improvement is possible.

In turn is the male sexual dysfunction that occurs when you have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. The causes should be carefully examined in order to start the most appropriate treatment.

The frustration generated by the absence of sex is quite common among men… It is often due to improvable communication with the partner or the expectation that a high sexual activity is essential.

They also inquire about the masturbation “excessive”. The experts see it as positive but in excess a problem appears.

Like women, they are also concerned about a lack of sexual desire. And this is accompanied by other physical or mental problems.

Experts explain that it is important to differentiate between sexual fantasies props of what are the feelings towards the couple, and learn the most appropriate way to communicate them so that they can be welcomed as well as possible.

It is something quite common between men and women. We refer to fear of not being up to the task in sex. This generates distrust and insecurity. For psychologists, this issue creates a pressure on men that can negatively affect their performance during sex. Come on, it is a circle that feeds itself and from which it must leave in order not to develop later problems.

It can be solved with a realistic, broad and flexible vision of what it means to be a good lover if it contributes to good “performance.”