"What are we doing? It's over, not anymore"

Aaron Gordon The NBA Matte Contest could not be lost this morning. His participation was almost perfect, but as happened in 2016, when he fell against LaVine, this year he was defeated by Derrick Jones. The eaves of the Magic, visibly upset, made clear his anger after knowing the winner. He did not deserve the merits because he considered that he should have been the champion, and exploded before the media.

«I wanted to jump on Shaq. He didn't want to do it and everyone started singing: ‘Tacko, Tacko!’. And I said to myself: ‘Okay, man, let's do it’. The tallest boy in the pavilion. Jumping to a 2.28 meter player and crushing, which is not an easy task. And for that they gave me 47? Come on, man, what are we doing?, started.

«Surprised by the decision? Obviously yes. I'm going to meet the judges tonight, keep it for sure (laughs). Seriously, we are here to do four mates. The best of four mates. I've done four or five in a row of 50. It's over, it's done, let's go home. But I don't know: who is in charge of this? ”Added a Gordon who makes it clear that he will not participate again in the Mates Contest: «No, guys, it's over. I should have two trophies and I don't have any. No more. My next goal will be to go for the Triple Contest ».

The winner defends himself

The champion, Derrick Jones, also appeared before the media. The eared Miami Heat forward defended his victory despite Gordon's words: «When I was 48, it was tough. I've been doing that mate since ‘high-school’ and I know you can deserve a 50. It couldn't be that they gave me a 48. And then Gordon grabbed Tacko Fall's head, so I knew they couldn't give him a 50 for that. He would have respected that he was also given a 48 and that we had made another. When the judges took so long in the end I thought there was something suspicious. But he knew they were not going to give him a 50, they couldn't.