To be honest, most of the time when someone says “FT” they mean FaceTime but there are occasions where the person meant something else entirely. We’ve seen FT used on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. and almost in every case they person means to say FaceTime.

Then, What does FFF mean on Instagram?

Follow For Follow

Considering this, What does IG mean on Snapchat? IG most commonly means “Instagram”. This is the most common definition on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

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What does SFX mean?

SFX, an abbreviation for special effects , is asoftware product that makes it easy to create certain kinds ofhypertext links within a collection of information such as thedescription of a library collection.

What is a shout out on Snapchat?

Shoutout for Shoutout, or (SFS), means that they want to trade their snapchat with you and have you post their snap on your story and post your snap on their story so that people on their story will add you and people on your snap will view your story and add them as a friend if they want.

What does SMO mean in texting?

Other definitions of SMO:

Serious Mode On. Shut meout.

What does LFL mean on Instagram?

Like for like

What does SS mean on Snapchat?

Screen Shot

What does OTP mean?

One True Pairing

What does f4f stand for?

follow for follow

What does BFs mean in texting?

bfs. has the following definition + addyour definition. Boyfriends. Boyfriends is used in SlangTexting. The word bfs is used in Slang, Textingmeaning Boyfriends.

What does s u mean Yolo?

In 2012, that slang term is. YOLO. If youare over 25, YOLO likely means nothing to you.If you are under 25, you may be so familiar with YOLOthat you‘re already completely sick of it. A tip to theoldsters: YOLO is an acronym for “You Only LiveOnce.”

What does SMO mean in texting?

What is a good Instagram reach?

In summary, as an industry standard, an engagement rateon Instagram between 1% and 3% is generally good, itis the average we see on an influencer’s profile.

What does AFK mean?

Afk is an abbreviation for away from keyboard. Itlets people know that you will not be at your keyboard for a while,or that you will not be online for a period of time.

What does HML mean?

hate my life

What does s u mean?

What does SU stand for?
Rank Abbr. Meaning
SU Shut Up
SU Sonic Unleashed (video game)
SU Stumble Upon (website)
SU Straight Up

What does IBF mean?

Internet BF

Significant Other

What does SU for TBH mean?

Tbh is now an Instagram currency. Flickr /RansomTech “Tbh,” the acronym that stands for “to behonest,” has taken on a different meaning since it was firstadopted by teens. The Washington Post recently profiled a13-year-old girl and focused on her social-media use.

What does S U stand for?

Acronym Definition
SU Single User
SU Screw You
SU Southern University
SU Shut Up