Chula is Spanish slang for “cute” or “a beautiful woman,” often seen in mami chula (“hottie”).

Then, What is Chingona English?

noun. 1. a Spanish slang term meaning “bad ass woman” Although the word “chingona” is a Spanish term, it is not limited to Latinas. A chingona is any woman who chooses to live life on her own terms.

Considering this, What does Cochita mean? Cochita Means. Thanks! International Interest. Also see international interest. C is for casual, no pretension here.

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What is Cochina?

: dirty, filthy, disgusting. 2. familiar : rotten, lousy.

What does Chingones mean?

(Mexico, colloquial) an intelligent, skilled, capable person. (Mexico, colloquial) someone or something cool, awesome, very good. (Mexico, colloquial, vulgar) a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person.

What does WETO mean?

The word weto is used in Slang, Spanish meaning light-skinned.

What does the word Punta mean?

No, punto is a general point, and punta is the tip (of a knife etc) and not the word that is “worse than the b word” and even that word has it’s uses. La punta aguda = the sharp tip (of a knife etc)

What does China Cochina mean?

China means Chinese, but maybe she meant cochina which means pig.

Is Cochina a bad word?

5 Answers. The word your looking for is “cochina” meaning ,filty, dirty, disgusting etc. cochina is a very mild word used for children to indicate they have dirtied themselves. Nathan, it does mean pig, but it is not used like that for people.

What is Pata Sucia?

Pata sucia

Pronunciation: pah-TAH sue-SEE-ah. Definition: Translates to “dirty foot” and refers to someone who removes their shoes in public. How it’s used in a sentence: “My feet hurt so much, I’m gonna barefoot it back to the car. Ay, Luli, you’re such a pata sucia.”

What is Sandia English?

sandía = watermelon feminine noun.

What is the word Babosa mean in Spanish?

: slimy. 3. Central America, Mexico familiar : silly, dumb.

How do you spell Cochina?

Does cochino mean pig?

Used with people, it is a colloquial way of calling someone mean, filthy, nasty, swine, rotten, In other words, instead of “because” (porque), she was saying “pork” (puerco.) Although Cochino can mean the animal at his time of slaughter, it is mostly used to mean Marrano, which also means Cerdo.

What is Chismosa English?

gossip) chismosa (also: chismoso, cotilla, hocicón, hocicona) gossip {noun} (person)

What does Pinocha mean?

Panocha, in New Mexico and southern Colorado, is a pudding made from ground sprouted wheat and piloncillo. In other regions, “panocha” can mean penuche or panuche. In Spanish slang, it is a taboo word for the vulva, a fact that has led to many deliberate and accidental puns. It can also mean a coward.

How do you spell Pera?

Correct spelling for the English word “Pera” is [pˈi????], [pˈi‍???], [p_ˈi?_?_?]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Anagrams of PERA

  1. 4 letters. aper, pare, pear, rape, reap.
  2. 3 letters. ape, apr, are, arp, ear, epa, era, par, pea, per, rap, rep.
  3. 2 letters. ar, ea, er, pa, pe, pr, ra, re.

What does Pera Pera mean?

Pera pera (????)” is a (words mimicking states). They directly express states or actions of people and things. There are a few meanings for “pera pera” depending on the context. (1) Talk fluently. Kare wa nihongo ga pera pera desu.

slug. Use the word slug to mean “bullet,” “slimy, land-dwelling mollusk,” or “super lazy person.” If your mom finds you on the couch as often as she finds slugs in her garden, she’ll call you a slug too.

What is Barbosa English?

barbosa” in English

volume_up. barbosa {adj. f} as dry as dust. boring.

What is Babaso?

Babaso refers to the numerous infectious diseases in sexual intercourse.