Oscar-Mike: On the Move. Tango Mike: Thanks Much. Tango Uniform: Toes Up, meaning killed or destroyed. Tango Yankee: Thank You.

Also, What does Tango Charlie mean?

Tango Uniform – Toes Up, meaning killed or destroyed or defective equipment. Tango Yankee – Thank You. Whiskey Charlie – Water Closet (toilet)

Hereof, What does the term Bravo Zulu mean?

About the Award

“Bravo Zulu” is a Naval signal, conveyed by flag-hoist or voice radio, meaning “well done;” it has also passed into the spoken and written vocabulary.

Also to know What does Sierra Oscar mean? Sierra Oscar 1-1 – Crime Car. (a car used in the year 2000 to cut down on crime)

What does Hotel Sierra mean?

Sierra Hotel or sometimes Hotel Sierra. Meaning s***-hot, or its opposite.

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What does Delta Charlie mean?

THREATCON CHARLIE: (Threat level high) This condition applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating some form of terrorist action against personnel and facilities is imminent.

What does Tango Yankee mean?

“Tango Yankee” are two code words in the NATO phonetic alphabet that mean thank you. The flag proudly displays the five military emblems, Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

What does Lima Charlie mean?

Lima Charlie – Loud and Clear.

Do Marines say Bravo Zulu?

In addition to flaghoist and military voice radio, use of the term BRAVO ZULU has also been extended in contemporary times to include written correspondence, message traffic and email traffic from the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Australian Navy, Canadian Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, …

How do you use Bravo Zulu in a sentence?

He also received a formal Bravo Zulu ( Certificate of Appreciation ) from the Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy for his historical commemoration work. The first RIMPAC scenario was acting as plane guard for the aircraft carrier, for which it received ” Bravo Zulu ” ( well done ) from the strike group commander.

What does Oscar Kilo mean?

Oscar Kilo is the home of the National Police Wellbeing Service and brings assessment, learning and conversation about emergency services wellbeing into one place. … Oscar Kilo is also the place where your organisation can access the Blue Light Wellbeing Framework.

What does Delta Alpha mean?

What do the Greek letters and the organization stand for? The three Greek letters in Delta Alpha Pi have specific meaning: * Delta – D for Disability, but also the triangle, symbol of strength. * Alpha – A stands for Achievement. Alpha is the beginning, and academic achievement must come first.

What does Bravo and Delta mean?

Going clockwise around the building will follow Bravo (left side), Charlie (back), and Delta (right side).

What is a Bravo Tango?

Bravo Tango includes brain training and mindfulness techniques and exercises designed to help veterans better deal with the stresses that often remain after war ends. … The app includes six exercises and also contains information about resources that are available to veterans in need.

What does whiskey hotel mean?

Whiskey Hotel is the military designation for “White House”, according to the NATO phonetic alphabet.

What does Kilo Bravo mean?

Translation of “Kilo Bravo” in English. Kilo. kilo kilogram. Bravo. bravo congratulations.

What does Zulu mean in Navy?

Zulu (short for “Zulu time”) is used in the military and in navigation generally as a term for Universal Coordinated Time (UCT), sometimes called Universal Time Coordinated ( UTC ) or Coordinated Universal Time (but abbreviated UTC), and formerly called Greenwich Mean Time.

What is the Bravo Zulu award?

The Bravo Zulu award, derived from the U.S. Navy signal meaning “well done,” is distributed to individuals within FedEx for outstanding performance beyond normal job expectations. Managers reward employees for outstanding efforts and achievement on the spot.

How do you say OK in military?

Roger That. “OK,” “Understood,” and “Yes, sir/ma’am” are all acceptable replacements for this military phrase. The general public will understand what you mean if you do slip up, but it is not a common saying among civilians. We recommend you steer clear of it.

What is the blue light wellbeing framework?

This Framework is a statement of intent, showing your commitment to the health and wellbeing of the people who work for you. It provides a clear structure that organisations can use to develop strategies and plans to embed wellbeing into daily business. …

What does tango mean in military terms?

Tango down is said to originate in military slang. In the NATO phonetic alphabet, established by the 1930s, the letter T is tango and became slang for target, or “enemy.” To down a target is “to shoot” them, especially when grounding an aircraft, but also “to neutralize” or “kill” them.

What is the National Police wellbeing service?

The National Police Wellbeing Service aims to provide support and guidance for all police forces to improve and build upon wellbeing within their organisation. Everything about it is sector specific and designed to meet the unique needs of policing.

What does Bravo Mike mean?

The ‘Bravo Mike Syndrome’ refers to the racialised imaginaries of criminals and the subsequent policing practices performed by armed response officers to protect clients from this racially constructed dangerous ‘Other’.

What does Charlie status mean?

– Charlie: Applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating some form of terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities is likely.

What does Delta level mean?

Threat Condition Delta is normally declared as a localized warning when a terrorist attack has occurred or intelligence indicates likely terrorist action against a specific location.

What does Charlie response mean?

Charlie Response–Potentially life threatening. All units respond emergency. Delta Response–Life threatening. All units respond emergency.