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Spotlights always attract the last name Schumacher. The responsibility of Mick Being the son of whom he is forced to always measure his words a lot. In an interview in, the son of the heptacampeón of the world has confessed the reasons for the change Mercedes-Ferrari and how is your relationship with Sebastian Vettel.

The Formula 2 driver has commented that "history" was the main reason to change the German team for the Italian. "Walking through Maranello or Fiorano is special, you feel good when you're there being part of the Ferrari family," argued a Mick Schumacher who believes that "the passion for motoring they have is great."

As for his relationship with Vettel, the pilot who belongs to the team of the 'rampant horse' says that he has "much respect." "What my father went to Vettel, is what he is now to me, someone who has a close connection and with whom I can talk about motor racing."

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