Who organized it and how will they be penalized?

The Llinars ‘rave’ has become a bad example of how to manage a party in times of pandemic. The restrictions in Catalonia are among the toughest in the entire country, but the territory is unable to lower the rate of infections. The call about the illegal party in Llinars on December 31 occurred the same afternoon, the authorities did not react until day 2, when the ship was evicted. Those attending this party were able to welcome 2021 with their friends, enjoying a nightlife that the rest of the country is on the way to having forgotten what it was like. This is everything that happened at the Llinars rave.

The Llinars ‘rave’ will go down in history as one of the worst-managed acts of the pandemic

An abandoned warehouse in Llinars del Vallés it was the place chosen to organize a ‘rave’. The end of the year party, totally prohibited before read measures to avoid the coronavirus, developed normally. Speakers and a mixing table were arranged for the DJ to do his job. The assistants paid nothing, only the trip and their own food and drink during the days it lasted.

Next to the ship a camping area was arranged for the assistants. The social networks and the pamphlets were in charge of giving him the publicity that the event deserved. On the 31st, punctual to their appointment, they began to play music. The residents of the area and the owners of nightclub owners which have been closed since March, without the possibility of opening, began to express their complaints.

The Mossos arrived in the area, but they did not intervene until after 40 hours. The reason is not having a clear action protocol. They had not been given sanitary instructions on how to proceed. If the attendees were tested, if they should be stopped, to avoid any contagion between the population or the master guidelines, they were totally lost. Until the order was given, the attendees chatted with the media and had fun.

An excavator was faced with demolishing the entrance and letting the Mossos in, which began with an unprecedented operation. They identified the assistants, there were two detainees, five investigated and 215 people identified. Among those identified were 100 Spanish, 35 French, 10 Italians and 10 Andorran, in addition to people from Austria, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. They had come to Llinars from different parts of the country and from Europe ready to have a great time.

Those accused of organizing the party, the two detainees, were taken to court and they were released with charges. It is about a Dutch woman and a man from Tarragona. These two people have denounced that they have been treated as a ‘scapegoat’, but that behind this organization of a ‘rave’ they are not. The person responsible will be nearly impossible to identify, given the complexity of the organization.

The defendants face a penalty of up to 18 months in jail and a fine. which would amount to a maximum of 600,000 euros for having breached sanitary restrictions. Attendees can also be fined up to 3,000 euros for skipping the health measures decreed by the Generalitat. After leaving Llinars del Vallés, the assistants tried to camp en masse in other towns in Catalonia, but they were also forced to leave.

Meetings of more than 6 people are prohibited due to the advance of the coronavirus in this autonomous community. The image of Catalonia by not knowing how to deal with this action has gone around the world. The Mossos fulfilled their mission, despite not having the necessary tools or the personnel. Several special crews had to be called in to leave their original posts to help their colleagues. The Llinars del Vallés festival put on the table how to apply the restrictions to the population.

Without an effective way to control it, without the correct application of the so-called coexistence groups, it is impossible to stop a pandemic that does not stop. For the coronavirus to be history, the appropriate means are needed to be able to fight it. Llinars del Vallés is one of the many festivals that could be celebrated in Catalonia. Gathering almost 300 people in the same place when capacity is limited in cultural venues or sports venues are closed, is a lack of respect for the entire population. Llinars del Vallés will end up with 2 people in court and almost 300 visiting Catalonia with vans and caravans, before January 7 increases the restrictions for the entire population, close shopping centers again and decree a total confinement on weekends.