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Donald Trump and his lawyers will not participate in the hearing of impeachment this week arguing the lack of "fundamental impartiality."

Trump's aides responded in this challenging way to the first of two crucial deadlines the US president faces in Congress this week. At the same time, Democrats prepare to change the focus of their investigation of political judgment of the search for facts to the consideration of possible charges of misconduct on their agreements with Ukraine.

The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, led by Democrats, had given Trump until 6 p.m. GMT on Sunday to say if he would send a lawyer to participate in court panel proceedings on Wednesday.

In a letter sent to the president of the Commission, Jerrold Nadler, the lawyer of President Pat Cipollone has indicated that the White House "cannot participate in a hearing when the witnesses have not yet been elected and as long as it is not guaranteed that the president will be subjected to a fair process. "

"Under these circumstances, We have no intention of participating in your hearing scheduled for Wednesday, "said Cipollone.

Also, Trump's lawyer has accused Nadler of scheduling "no doubt on purpose" the hearing during the visit of the New York tycoon to London to attend a NATO meeting.

The rules of the Chamber allow the president's lawyer to participate in the hearings on the impeachment of the Judicial Commission, but not in those previously held in the Chamber of Intelligence.

The House of Representatives last week invited the president of the country to participate in the hearing of the process of impeachment planned for December 4th.

The Judicial Commission published a statement detailing that the hearing, the first in this body of the House of Representatives, will take place at 10 am (local time). "I have written to Trump for remind you that the rules of investigation of a impeachment on the committee allow the president to come to view and have your lawyer question the witness panel, "he said.

The preliminary dismissal process or impeachment against Trump is based on his assumptions pressures on his Ukrainian counterpart Volodimir Zelenski, for that country to investigate Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.