will open 70 in two years

The spanish banks They have a problem with the size of their network of offices, and they continually consider closing them. After years of closing branches, most entities now bet on mega-branches and among them Sabadell Bank, which plans to open up to seventy reference locations in just two years.

The idea that the Catalan bank has is that its new representative or head offices, which it calls "premium" (in Caixabank for example, they are called ‘store’), “they still look like bank offices,” as their CEO Jaime Guardiola said in the presentation of quarterly results. Therefore, they will not include other services such as cafeterias or catering spaces with which other entities such as Banco Santander bet.

"The bank likes to be a bank," Guardiola said. Its process in the next year and a half is to close about 200 branches, at the same time the group will open larger offices in certain locations.

The first will open in Madrid at the beginning of next year at number 18 of the emblematic street of Serrano, in a two-storey and 700 square meters rented by the bank, with sufficient capacity to house different spaces, from areas to serve private customers to others to market insurance.

From the entity they explain to Efe that with the opening of these new branches "Prémium" a greater brand awareness is pursued, as well as optimizing the customer experience and improving the positioning of Banco Sabadell in the main squares.

The seventy head offices that the group chaired by Josep Oliu expect to open before the end of 2021 include 12 in Madrid and the territorial center, 31 in Catalonia and 15 in the eastern territory, also key to Sabadell for its strong presence in Alicante.

In the south of the country, the bank will have six "Premium" branches, surely one in Seville; in the north it will open three, one of them in Donostia-San Sebastián, and in the northwest it will have three others, which will include one in Oviedo.

In some cases, sources of the entity explain, current premises will be used where there is already a center of Sabadell, and in other cases the most appropriate area profile will be sought.