will start reducing its production on sunday

The industrial group Sniace, in the process of liquidation, will begin to disconnect on Sunday. First it will stop the factory Viscocel -the one that makes fiber- and on Tuesday it will be Celltech– the one that produces cellulose. In both cases it will be a disconnection gradually And it could last a week. The decision has been taken by the Sniace Board of Directors and this has been made known to the general director of production, who on Friday told the more than 400 employees of the Torrelavega plant (Cantabria).

The workers denounce that Sniace's decision to request liquidation is «incompressible«,«drastic" and even "a trap«. They do not explain why the address has not sought a substitute for Catch to manage the cogeneration plant. Nor do they understand why they have not been proposed to renegotiate the conditions of the ERTE and apply it to the entire workforce. «We do not understand why they have made this decision so disproportionate. Now there is no room for negotiation. The chances of an investor coming now are very small. No one knows what to do ».

As Sniace workers have confirmed to this newspaper, on Friday they received the January pending payroll although now the concern is what will happen with the payrolls that are generated after the settlement. Until the bankruptcy administrator decides, the workers must continue to go to their jobs normally.

«Vallina is a coward»

The workers point to the top Sniace shareholder, Sabino García Vallina, as the main responsible for what happened. «Vallina is a Coward. It has been a long time since he showed his face. The company committee has asked to meet him on many occasions and has not given any signs of life, ”the Sniace workers report to this newspaper.

The Sniace company committee will meet next Monday with the president of Cantabria, Michelangelo Revilla, to transfer the situation first hand. The Cantabrian leader has accused the Government of being one of those responsible for the liquidation of Sniace. He assures that he has given him the "lace" with the cut of 36% of the cogeneration remuneration.

Precisely the own Sniace Address He justified his decision to liquidate the company before the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission) by the measure promoted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and which will come into force – predictably – at the end of February.