Win the barcode battle with these tips

We see them daily on shopping receipts, food products and other packaging, but this time we are not talking about the brand always present on consumer labels, but about the vertical wrinkles that appear around our mouth when we exceed 40! and how much they bother us! Yes they are known as the Barcode.

Those signs that emerge from our skin framing our lips are the nightmare of many women who do not believe in their appearance, but luckily those dreaded wrinkles that inevitably add years to usThey can be prevented even before they appear or become serious, as well as it is also possible to largely get rid of them when they have already surprised us.

The first thing is to know the causes that promote these wrinkles in order to avoid them before they appear and it is not difficult if we are aware of what causes them.

Being a muscle that works a lot and undergoes continuous changes that cause the skin that covers it to lose smoothness and tone, the elasticity of this part of the face that lacks sebaceous glands and is therefore easy to dehydrate more easily, it suffers, especially from photoaging and excessive gesticulation.

Small gestures to end the barcode

Since this last reason is difficult to control, what we can do is adopt other positive habits that will prevent the premature appearance of that barcode, such as protecting the area with SPF +50 sunscreen, take vitamin C and supplements rich in antioxidants, use a humidifier so that neither the heating nor the air conditioning dry out your skin and above all, quit smoking, as it accelerates aging and the gesture of smoking generates static folds that are difficult to remove.

Blowing, whistling, drinking directly from a can, chewing gum, or using straws is also negative, but if you hydrate the area daily, you avoid sudden changes in weight and you are doing self-massage by putting a small amount of cream in the center of the lips and distributing it with a soft click towards the corners, first with the upper lip, then with the lower one and finally making smoothing movements with the tip of the middle finger.

Aesthetic treatments

If you think that that will not be enough or you have already tried it and you think you need something else, you can undergo one of the most effective treatments for this problem: Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, the facial filler with hyaluronic acid and the tightening threads.

The first, whose price is around € 400, is made from a completely safe technique of microinjections of plasta enriched in platelets and is a good option when wrinkles are incipient or superficialas it treats the skin from the inside through cell regeneration. As for the tensioning threads or facial fillers, it is best to use them in case the thickness of the wrinkles and the depth of these are more serious, being noticeable even with the face at rest.

Other options are to bet on facial mesotherapy with vitamins and hyaluronic acid, perfect for incipient wrinkles.

In any case, both to apply previously to these treatments, whether or not you have thought about applying them, as well as to prevent and treat these expression lines at home, without the need to go to an expert, you can always turn to cosmetics. And in case you feel more comfortable with this option, the ideal thing for you would be to try multifunction products that make up and at the same time treat the skin by filling it in, defining its contour, adding volume and color, and re-densifying it.

Include a product with these characteristics in your toiletry bag and you will surely notice the results in a short time.