Woman who tried to kill her husband to collect life insurance sentenced to 13 years

They tried twice and the third time it was almost defeated. María del Mar no longer wanted her husband Juan Martínez, what she wanted according to Justice was to collect the 300,000 euros of life insurance of which the youngest daughter of the marriage was the beneficiary. And for this She resorted to the help of another of her daughters, the result of a previous marriage., the boyfriend of this and a hired assassin. The investigators suspected that they first planned kill him with sleeping pills in coffee before they started a long road trip, they supposedly re-planned manipulate the car’s brakes to crash, and for the third time in July 2017 they almost managed to take his life away. When they failed, they accused the victim of attempted murder for running over the hitman while trying to flee certain death.

According to the proven facts of the sentence in the possession of OKDIARIO, Albacete’s Hearing assumes that there was a plan to kill Juan. The brain of the plan was his wife María del Mar, and his right hand his Immaculate daughter. Between the two, they asked Inmaculada’s boyfriend for help finding a hitman and preparing for the crime scene, and the hitman went to the victim’s house just when he was only accompanied by the spotless. The court relies on its judgment in the Whatsapp conversations between the condemned that make clear the intentions of the murder plan.

Thus, according to judicial truth, following the plan they convinced Juan so that on the night of July 25, 2017, he would have dinner at the only company of Inmaculada at his home in Almansa. At one in the morning Steven showed up there with the excuse that he was lost, had no battery in his mobile and asked to make a call. Immaculate che invited Juan to let him enter the home claiming she knew Steven from high school.

Once inside the house and due to Juan’s carelessness, Steven attacked Juan from behind and stuck a kitchen knife in his neck. Since he didn’t kill him at the first attack, he tried to finish him off by stabbing him a dozen times without success. Juan, with a strong complexion, managed to get out of the house and take his car to flee when Steven tried to cut him off at the farm gate and Juan ran him over leaving the car and continuing his flight on foot. Immaculate tried unsuccessfully to hold him back, grabbing his shirt and according to the victim hitting him on the head with a stone, but the intervention of Juan’s neighbors saved his life.

Since then Juan’s family has gone through an ordeal since Steven, the already convicted hitman, denounced Juan for attempted murder in the violation. The hit man and Inmaculada, Juan’s stepdaughter, said that the victim tried to abuse the young woman, that the hit man intervened to save her and in “the struggle” he stabbed Juan inadvertently.

Juan spent six months in the hospital half of them between life and death whiles his brothers fought for custody of a girl as a result of his relationship with his wife María del Mar who was also accused of the attempted murder of Juan. Even Juan, as this video shows, just out of the hospital recorded a reconstruction of what happened that night. After overcoming a stroke and dozens of interventions to reconstruct his face and respiratory system, Juan tried to see justice done.

Now Albacete’s audience agrees with Juan without palliatives. The court has dropped all charges against Juan because the evidence provided by the Civil Guard dismantle the version of the conspirators. The Albacete Court condemns his ex-wife María del Mar to 13 years in prison, Antonio David Martínez (the boyfriend of his stepdaughter Immaculate) to 9 years in prison for looking for the hitman, and Steven to 11 years in prison as the material author of the stabbings. Immaculate awaits her trial accused of trying to kill her stepfather since when the events occurred, he was not yet 18 years old.

A decision that Juan’s family had been waiting for almost three years, although on the way They have lost their battle to take care of the little daughter of Juan and María del Mar upon discovering at this time that the girl is actually the result of her mother’s relationship with a third person.